PS1 Racing Games on Epsxe


Epsxe (PS1 emulator)
Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9
1920x1080p 2x internal Res
NeGcon Plugin for Analog Controls (Logitech Driving Force GT)

Side by Side Special 2000
Initial D
Touge Max G
Gran Turismo 2
Motor Toon Grand Prix
Racing Lagoon
Ridge Racer Hi-Spec Demo
Ray Tracers (Pal) (US version does not have the anime dialogue)
Rage Racer
Naniwa Wangan Battle


  1. Hey dude can you help me out? I did the whole negcon mapping with the DFGT but in GT2 when I enter the GT mode main menu the cursor just goes to the top left corner and is stuck there. Any ideas?

  2. These are some incredible fun racing games… but most of these are japanese! and were never released in America… so you would have to be a die hard racing fan to even discover or come across these games…. the only few games in this that were released in USA were Gran turismo 2, motor toon grand prix,

  3. Thanks for the list, I found out few games that I've never heard of before and I'm definitely gonna check them out. Looks so appealing to me.

  4. Something a lot of people probably don't know: See Motor Toon Grand Prix? That was literally Gran Turismo with a cartoon skin. The engine was the same, and MTGP was basically used as a test-bed for the GT engine.

  5. Most of these racing games are Japanese only. I hate when game developers make a racing game, but they only release it in Japan!


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