Are you thinking of getting into PS2 collecting? This video explains the different models of Playstation 2, what to look for that tends to fail, some different controllers and 10 games we highly recommend to get you started!


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  1. Im a PC gamer, but I really want a get a PS2 and play all the old Jrpgs I missed out on. Emulators are a PAIN in to run games on too..

  2. Nice video, good amount of information but I feel you picked some of the most expensive games for the console for your top 10 games

  3. Played this console with friends all the time, but never had my own. About to finally get it and i'm glad i watched this video so i remember to get the slim version lol

  4. Hi, Any tips on how to recognize original PS2 FAT Seals ? (The seal on the back of the console that cant be violated, other way you lose the warranty), I Want to buy an original PS2 Fat since it was a Chilhood Dream and by the time i got a PS2 only the Slim Models was avaiable, and well… i live in Brazil and its not unexpected to find Fake seals on PS2 to Rise the Price like it was never Touched, Thanks in Advance.

  5. The best comsole ever created by man!! To the ten you mentioned to buy at the day one I would add Crash Twinsanity, how the Crash Bandicoot series should have evolved to next gen consoles from the beginning, a real gem!!! Anyway, thanks for the video!

  6. I have literally never had a problem with the fact versions. The slim models on the other hand I had nothing but trouble with. I had 2 ps2 slims brand new break in one year. My fat model still works today.

  7. List is disappoint dude.

    I'd say get Ratchet and Clank going commando since that's a lot more cheaper to find than UYA, and it's a better game overall as well

  8. Do people really say this is the ugliest console? Design on this is timeless just as on the original ps1. Just have to agree on the strange blue square on the front.
    It might be the worst to clean and the fan is really bad sounding especially on open world streaming gta-type games, but the optical design is almost flawless.
    Compared to other Console design decisions for the US market (nes, snes, all sega systems except dreamcast) this is one of the best you guys got.

  9. My 3 first gen fats played all released games from day one til d-day w/ no exception. Is the DVD decoding process on EU ps2s any different to the US system? Are your experiences on non-running software due to hardware or coding issues?

  10. hello, some things:

    1. The Linux kit was made to enter the PS2 on some country as a computer due to taxes or something like that.

    2. There's more hardware (by Sony or sold by Sony)
    * the eye toy (less than 5 games use it) which is actually a webcam. Some people use it as a cheap motion capture device with Linux.
    * USB keyboards and mouse, Sony's came up with the Linux kit but you can buy others compatible by Logitech. The keyboard is a must for online gaming to chat.
    * The DVD remote controller.
    * The vertical stand
    * The horizontal stand.
    * The 'Link' cable to have a two person game on different screens: you connect 2 PS2, each display on a different screen. Both PS2 has to have the game disc.

    3. The hdd is/was freely used in Japan by many games. Outside of Japan, it became a problem because someone found a way to copy games into the hdd and even play from the hdd: piracy

    4. The PS2 is capable of 1080i, Few games use this, for example: Gran Turismo 4.
    5. It supports 16.9 screen mode but some games cheat a 'wide' 4.3 mode.
    6. It's capable of digital DTS audio output. You just need a Toslink cable.
    7. The hdd is 40GB they stop making FFXI expansions for the PS2 due to size limitations, however.. you can use a 250GB (ATTE: of the same type)in the PS2, the brand recommended is Seagate..
    8. THe PS2 plays PS1 games. * The first series of PS3 play PS2 games.

    So, the PS2 is capable of more than most people know.

    What I have.. pretty much everything except for the link cable.

    Do I still use my PS2, yes, with hdtv (component output) and digital sound output.

  11. I not only forgot I needed a memory card when I brought home my used PS2 the first trip home but forgot – on the second trip home that It needed to be a PS1 memory card when I bought FF Tactics.. 🙁

  12. Blue disc are CDs and the PS2 has a dual read function for CD and DVD. That is way one disc color will not read and the other will

  13. Literally any Spyro game would be good for a beginner. A little harder to find due to nostalgia and replay value, but a perfect PS2 starter nonetheless. I may be a totally biased Spyro fan… 🙂

  14. the reason why i love ps2 not because of final fantasy it was fight night round series and def jm ny holy crap that game is bad ass and addicting as hell.

  15. There are variations in the Fat PS2 systems and they're identifiable by looking near the USB ports. EDIT: I don't mean color or case variations. I mean internal variations.

  16. The blue discs are earlier, smaller (as in file size) games that we're on a CD instead of a DVD.

    Which explains the error because it means just the component for reading CDs has burned out in it but but the DVD reading function.

  17. Mine is an scph 39003 I used to hide the memory card in the expansion bay because my sister had a ps2 and kept stealing my memory card to use in her ps2.

    That really annoyed me

  18. Absolutely fantastic video, well detailed and some great selections there! Ive recently picked up the old fat BLUE/AQUA PS2 One you forgot to mention 😛 Its very beautiful. I am planning on picking up a good few games on that list and more 😀

  19. If you softmod your memory card, you can use a generic bluetooth receiver plugged in to your USB port of the PS2, and sync up a PS3 controller to use wirelessly on the system.


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