PS2 Controller Thoughts (Gamestop Brand)


Not that bad.


  1. I love this f**** controller it has good response. The ps2 dual shock is good for the first live 5 years then they start braking down. The game stop controller fells like it would last. Best third party controller ever made.

  2. Is my one of these the only one that has a laser dot instead of a normal light bulb for when analog is on? I put black duct tape over it and I can still see the light; without the duct tape it burns holes in my vision.

  3. my controller works well. Rumble Pack is in both sides. The only problem is that the D-pad are a bit bulky but otherwise, it's a good controller.

  4. I justg got one at a thrift shop today along with controller extension cord. I like slight variance in the shape. Seems to work fine.

  5. it only has one vibration motor in it. I got one used. I dropped mine. Round posts that the screws thread into snapped. I managed to glue them back together. I dropped it today. I just find more comfortable than Sony's.


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