PS2 Joystick to PS3 USB Adapter Input Lag?


For casual gamers like me the difference of input lag between two joysticks are negligible. But to my friends who played Tekken seriously for tournaments they said that a slight additional delay from a USB adapter is a big deal because they add up when using an HDTV.

Although at 1:21 I can hear a slight delay from USB adapter compared to a native USB joystick but at 1:57 I can’t see any difference that’s why I have to use my ears. The input lag of the adapter is smaller than most HDTV. The reason why I bought a native USB joystick because my USB adapter is not compatible with the PS4 system that when I played Tekken 7 the character keeps punching or kicking even I didn’t press anything.

Note at the beginning of the video you see a red LED from the PS2 joystick. That’s the analog mode which I have to turn on because if the analog mode is off my USB adapter interpret the joystick as “left analog stick” instead of D-pad and the lag from the PS3’s XMB is twice as much although it doesn’t affect the game play. Not all USB adapter have this issue, though. I discovered this issue because of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that if I turn off the analog mode you can’t move.


  1. 2:03 Are you sure it's the Adaptor and not the Controller? Well, maybe we could see another video about this? By the way, this adaptor works with Rumble (DUALSHOCK 2)?


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