Ps2 Review: Monster Hunter


Okay, so Monster Hunter Worlds is coming out soon next year, so to celebrate I will be taking a look at the Monster Hunter games I’ve played. Starting things off with the original Monster Hunter.


  1. It feels like Dragon's Dogma was a spiritual successor to Monster Hunter.
    Which is… weird since MH is still very much alive nowadays.

  2. "Personally I never played Multiplayer."

    Oh my god….So good…Slamming in game beers then heading out to kill Lau Shang or whatever

  3. I really enjoyed this video, and decided to give it a go.. I suspect the camera controls isnt all that bad, if its anything like mhfu.
    But i gotta say, it hurts seeing the lance being used without immediate backhops after 3 stabs..

  4. I created a video with download links of the programs .. teaching how to have all the infinite game items and money .. The game looks great when playing using these cheats ..

  5. I should’ve listened, the original sucks so much in single player, it was clearly not meant for that and I had a bad 18 hours

  6. Its weird. Nearly Every game I absolutely love ( including monster hunter) have always been suggested by friends talking about it, writing notes for me when I get it.

  7. Everything you said about this game is true. MH is an awesome franchise (one of my favourites to be honest), but the first game doesn't hold up very well.

  8. Hey just found my old copy of monster hunter for the PS2 and wanted to do some research to remember how to play it and found your video.
    Love your videos dude, definitely gonna subscribe!

  9. the reason gravios and basarios look the same is because well the basarios is a baby and the gravios is an adult atleast I think that's how it works

  10. I think you are making it out to be a little rougher then it was. Remember there was no real comparison for a game like this at the time. Attacking with the right stick was a really cool way to make each weapon more engaging and take away from a hack and slash feel.On the other hand still don;t go back and play it. The online mode was everything and probably why I fell in love with this series in the first place. I don't feel he was clear enough in stating that offline was low rank and hi-rank quests were online only. Not having online kills this game. too bad there is no lan mode.


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