PS2 Slim Modbo 4.0 Modchip – Install Overview & Demonstration


The Modbo 4.0 is a modchip for the PlayStation 2 which works both Fat and Slim consoles! Every version has a different wiring method but this is a one size fits all chip, so to speak. It is a clone of the Matrix line of modchips, even sporting the Matrix Infinity 1.93 firmware on it! This is a 21 wire install and the PS2 has some super tiny points, so be prepared to have a steady hand and some patience if you take on the task of installing this little monstrosity!

Notable features of the chip include: Playing imported/backed up PS1 and PS2 games, screen fixes for out of region games, and region free DVD playback!

Where I Purchased My Modbo From:

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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  1. out of curiosity was this just for educational purposes to make the video? with freemcboot so old and still popular im surprised to see anyone mod one that's early enough to be soft modded. I can certainly understand doing it just because however.
    love your videos BTW!

  2. Nice I've always been intimidated by the PS2 modchip but hopefully after I get some soldering practice I can try modding.

  3. nightmare… probably most hardcore mod to do in console… i tried it 4 times and only one ps2 survived… and i fucked 3 of them 🙁

  4. I think that the best modchip for PS2 is Ripper 3.2. With this chip PS2 behaves literally like usual factory non-moded Ps2 except that you can play all PS1/PS2 burned games with all correct logos and stuff.

  5. In the 2 installs I've done I've put the chip just behind the USB ports, between those 3 screw holes, the side with the vcc, gnd, and reset pads facing towards the ports. Makes for a much cleaner install imo


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