PSOne Classics Compatibility on PS4 | Jerimiahisaiah


Hopefully our accounts can be connected to our PS3/PS Vita’s, so then we won’t have to re-purchase the PSOne games we already bought.


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  1. Oh yes! If this comes through, I can play those classics like the old school Resident Evil games, Crash Team Racing, Spyro!
    Hopefully we can all transfer our data from our previous purchases to the PS4.

  2. Jeri, how do you feel about Crash Bandicoot being back after 5 long years of being denying?
    A lot of people attacked you, and everyone who believed in Crash Bandicoot's return, and now, he's back!

  3. Jerimiahisaiah You learned of the statue of Spyro The Dragon made by First 4 Figures, the truth is a great detail that they did, your design is the same of their previous games On PS One , the truth is thankful enough that they did not put the design of Spyro Skylanders, in my opinion I see that First 4 Figures respected its original concept, but that would mean a possibility about his return for next year.


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