PSX Longplay [075] MediEvil (Part 1 of 6)


Played by: Ravenlord

All chalices collected, game completed 100%


  1. does anyone remember playing this game on the ps1 sample disc 8? it had this, wwf attitude, ninja and i think the gran turismo and some trailers to games like rugrats and parasite eve…. takes me back lol but damn this game reminds me of bauldur's gate now that im watching this

  2. Hall Of Heros: Blah blah blah evil dude blah blah blah brag blah blah blah sir dan is bad blah bla-

    Sir Daniel: GET ON WITH IT!

  3. Guys, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this longplay? Isn't Sir Dan supposed to talk to Canny Tim on his very first visit at the Hall of Heroes? Why is Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver in his place? I am so confused.

  4. I console with THE DARK BOOK an Android game inspired by MediEvil is not the same but better than nothing, pity that there will not be the Remake?

  5. this game is a fucking classic in my eyes miss this game so much ps1 was amazing kids nowadays just play online missing out on experiencing games on their own making their own opinions on games instead of just going with the mass like they do, makes me smile to think i grew up with such good games, not just cod / halo, dont get me wrong i love halo it just came later on in life haha after i experienced all sorts of games

  6. When he gotten his PS1, my brother and I never even heard of this game, so we didn't play it, but I managed to get the remake the other day, and I say both versions are awesome 🙂


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