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This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at how Rare wanted amiibo on Nintendo 64 (N64) back in the 90s, and even tried to make some amiibo-like toys for their cancelled Xbox game Urchin. Then we talk about Skylanders: Superchargers, and how Princess Peach, other Mario characters, Kirby, and Fox McCloud were planned to appear along side Donkey Kong and Bowser as toys. Then we take a look at why Star Fox Zero didn’t get an arwing amiibo, and then finish off with some trivia about Sega’s Shining Force.

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  1. What is the music called? I've heard it before but I don't know where. Also, no darude sandstorm jokes please, unless you also tell me the real name.

  2. anyone remember U.B funkeys? you know that old thing made back in 2006 i think and acted like amiibos before they were amiibos?

  3. When the video began playing footage from Nintendo's amiibo ad, I could practically hear the lines in my head: "Mario and Peach together… me and Gina together."

  4. Doesn't surprise me, Nintendo is a bunch of fag scumbags that steal ideas, because they are genuinely terrible people. I like their games, but I despise what they do; I really hate miamotto with a passion.

  5. Jogurt isn't totally useless. I once used him all the way through the game, and his weakness paved the way for my other characters to gain more EXP since that was essentially one less character to divide it between. He was basically a character who could take a free hit without diminishing my force in any relevant way, while also making the rest of the team stronger than they otherwise would be.

  6. I guess a part of me would've died a little if Kirby was in Skylanders…but, I feel like there would be some love for Kirby Air Ride, so I'm cool with whatever I guess…

  7. What is it with Miyamoto and being scared of drawing attention away from his Star Fox games? FFS, we didn't get Star Fox 2 for the same reason.

  8. Wait a minute… an useless character, using a ball shaped helmet, which will provide you a random cheap ring called the "yogurt" ring… and you don't notice the reference to spaceballs?

    Yogurt: Use the Schwartz, Lone Starr! Use the Schwartz!
    Lone Starr: I can't – I lost the ring!
    Yogurt: Forget the ring! The ring is bupkis! I found it in a Cracker Jack box!

  9. The Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders/Amiibo are pretty neat collectibles to have, very cool looking pieces of videogame memorabilia.

  10. I'll be real, a figurine Arwing that transforms AND a Fox Mccloud skylanders would've been really sick. We are living in the darkest timeline.

  11. I think sega should make their own version of ambio becuase sonic characters are so recognizable a vector man or ristar ambio would look cool but I wouldmn't buy it

  12. Having Fox in Skylanders would have drawn interest away from Starfox Zero? I think Nintendo did a pretty good job of that themselves.


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