Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (PlayStation) – (Longplay – Jill Valentine | Advanced Mode)


Game: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
North American Title: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
European Title: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
Japanese Title: Biohazard: Director’s Cut
Language: English
Platform: PlayStation
Mode: Advanced
Player Character: Jill Valentine

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  1. Cool video I was just playing it in a champ at this one I think these old games are funner to play you can just get right into playing and not have to pay for 3 , months to get good like you do with all they new games out today , maybe I'm just a dumass

  2. tell me something, why doesnt appear the advanced mode in resident evil director's cut dualshock ver?, it says arrange not advanced

  3. hey people.. help me… i want to buy resident evil 1 for ps1…. i choose director's cut?? or resident evil 1 classic ?
    What is the best version for you? greats

  4. is the ps1 version the same as this? i wanna use this walkthrough but i noticed this is pc and idk if there are any difs


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