Resident Evil (PlayStation) – (Longplay – Chris Redfield)


Game: Resident Evil
North American Title: Resident Evil
European Title: Resident Evil
Japanese Title: Biohazard
Language: English
Platform: PlayStation
Player Character: Chris Redfield

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  1. Thank  you for not adding useless commentary on this video…and for posting it…and for your boss abilities on this…very well done all around!

  2. I havent played resident evil our playstation since this game came out years ago now i have a vr headset playing resident evil 7 demo and im blown away again like i was when i played this game years ago

  3. The sound @ :49 after you select a character literally haunted the hell out of me when I would play this game. Both the original PlayStation version and the GameCube remake/HD remaster both of their special merits that all gamers will appreciate. My younger cousin wanted to play this version yesterday…he got scared after the first zombie and said he didn't want to play anymore but is now halfway through the game today. I told him that if he thinks he's scared now, he should play the GameCube version.

  4. That moment u know utube searches are ass when u look up "pure blind run through" or "blind gameplay only" and see nothing but non blind nor complete gameplay or commentary lol.

  5. How are you using the knife so easy? I swipe once when it is within reach,then the zombie grabs me before I get chance to move backwards to take another swipe?


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