Resident Evil (PlayStation) – (Longplay – Jill Valentine)


Game: Resident Evil
North American Title: Resident Evil
European Title: Resident Evil
Japanese Title: Biohazard
Language: English
Platform: PlayStation
Player Character: Jill Valentine

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  1. awesome run, no health, saves, got special key, rocket launcher while cleaning out the mansion with the combat knife. You are the God of Resident Evil. I loved watching that run!!!?

  2. Jill is the "master" of unlocking but doesnt have a lock pic?????
    Bit of a shit master lol
    Resi is my favourite game franchise of all time

  3. best survival horror game of the 90s this game out in 1996 I was in school already and I was born in 1991 I love Resident Evil classic.

  4. 6:54 You know, I must say, dated/crappy CGI might be the most underrated creep/scare tactic I've ever seen (in my opinion, that is).

  5. I miss this game bring back memories during grade school 1996 were going cutting classes to play this game at rental ps1 console

  6. como que esta cerio eso verdad relax and chill if you are looking porque alfonso is jack and pamela is jill chi jaa perfec perfec must've been some sort of cat and rat chi jaa it trully is chi jaa perfec perfec chi jaa it was trully the cat and the rat perfec perfec

  7. love this game! Whenever I played it as a kid I had to get my feet up off the floor! It wasn't scary because of the graphics (obviously) but because of the mood/atmosphere that they managed to create in the game. That and the fixed camera angles – you never knew what was coming.
    But also, when you played this game for the first time you didn't just slash your way through it so effortlessly and 'premeditated' as shown here – there were so many zombie-surprises!

  8. Sure the acting and visuals look silly by today's standards, but this will always be remembered as a major benchmark in gaming history.

  9. If you had went to the upper door in the main hall to the right you would've found fire cartridges and a f-ed up Barry

  10. Dude you know it would've been nice to see her bit by a zombie ones at the beginning and the fountain monster wasn't even seen until you were already killed it not very cinematic I'm just saying


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