Retro Bit CES (& Current Clone Rant) – Thoughts & Feelings #1


-I originally had the audio recorded yesterday morning, but did not upload due to the fact the audio recording was longer than the game footage I had recorded. So, after getting some sleep and some personal stuff, I had to re-record the gameplay for this video. Afterwards, Sony Vegas was giving me one hell of a headache with trying to get it working. But after several tries, I got it done.

-I noticed that I failed to talk about the Genesis Wired and Bluetooth controllers, as well as the GO! Retro Portable console. Short to the point, my opinions on the Genesis controllers are largely the same as the Saturn and Dreamcast controllers of the same type. As for the new portable console, I have a feeling it is the same thing as the BittBoy console you can get off AliExpress, just with different games and in a Original GameBoy-type shell instead of a GameBoy Pocket-type shell. In other words, a BittBoy made less portable…Riveting.

Today, Clyde decides to share his thoughts and feelings on the stuff Retro-Bit unveiled at CES 2018, with a bonus rant on the current state of clone consoles and bootleg carts…

The SRT+ Review in question, and it’s follow-up:

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