Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Controller – Hands On Gameplay


Going hands on with Retro Fighters’ brand new N64 controller!

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  1. I'm also one of the 5,555 that pledged on Kickstarter for this controller. As of now it's currently on its way to my house and after hearing your review I'm 100x more stoked to receive this controller, and I was already ecstatic that Retro Fighters decided to take on the daunting task of redesigning the controller for my favorite retro console. Now all I need to do is mod my N64 with UltraHDMI and my retro gaming life is complete. 😀

  2. Could you explain what was the issues that had you worried? Because as a backer, other than the point where they said the transfer pak support had fallen through, and who cares, the only problem was that one kid crying over every single update not matching this vision. It was 3 months late, yes, but unless you've never Kickstarted before, you expected.

    Decent review and excited to get mine soon

  3. thanks for the review ! can you easily perform spin attack in ocarina of time and what do you think about the sensitivity in FPS (golden eye, perfect dark etc..) ?

  4. “The transfer pak just doesn’t seem to work”“The controller did however work with the transfer pak” wut?

  5. I misspoke at one point in the video. The Transfer Pak does not work, however I meant to say that the Memory Pak does. Sorry folks!


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