Why Retro Games Rule


The Graphics and Sound Really Have Not Gotten That Much Better

Clearly, video games today are using WAY more technological firepower than the games I grew up with. Certainly, games today look WAY more realistic than they did in the mid-90s.

Pretty much the best music EVER, don’t you think?

In the 90s, video games were built around solid tunes that turned bleeps, into cultural anthems. Today, video game music is an update old school video game tunes.

Three Words: NO. LOADING. TIMES.

Since video game hardware and software is more complicated these days, we have to WAIT for long to get our game on.

Our Controllers Weren’t AS Ridiculous

In the past you could always rely on your standard control pad to get you through whatever you were playing. Today, yes, you COULD resort to a standard control pad for MOST modern games, but that brings up yet ANOTHER gripe I have with modern controllers.

We Had Options When It Came To Our Gaming Opportunities

One of the most awesome things ever, as long as you could overlook the 20-minute battery life. Today, if you want to play a real video game you have what Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo gives you, or you have to make do with the scant releases coming out on your computer. Back there we had ALL of the following available for our gaming pleasure.

Heaven REALLY is a place on Earth

The arcades available in the United States, they were actually thriving, with just a couple of quarters in your pocket, you could experience state-of-the-art thrills and chills.

We Had Original Games, Not Just the Same Old

Sadly, fewer and fewer companies are willing to explore new ideas in gaming – which means there is DEFINITELY a greater depth of creativity than there was a good twenty years ago for the industry.

Our Games Actually Provided a Challenge

There are a few games out there that provide a challenge, but the aggregate difficulty for gaming has dropped CONSIDERABLY over the last two decades.

For Us, Gaming Used To Be an Experience

Today’s games simply do not absorb you into the experience the way the old school games did. It is sad that those being born today will not have a chance to experience this social aspect of video games, because of online games, the socialization aspect of gaming as was with retro games is gone. Heck- some of us were even inspired by video games to be lawyers. Have you heard of video game lawyers?

Playing World of Warcraft and Halo with online clans does not really create stronger social because if all machine-assisted- it does not conjure the same feeling as seeing the schoolmate who beat you at Mortal Kombat II over the weekend at school or hanging out with friends and playing video games tourneys.

How about the sounds of the gaming machines at the video arcades? The current generations will not experience noting down passwords instead of saving a game online or hear token machines turn coins into gaming currency.



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