RetroPie 4.4 Is Out With Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Support


RetroPie 4.4 has been released! in this vein I go over some of the new changes and I also show you how to setup WIFI on the New Raspberry Pie 3 B Plus

RetroPie 4.4 Changelog:

Overclocking guide :
Install guide:

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  1. Just made the free Play zero. How do I add games directly to the sdcard? I know I'll prob get snide comments but I honestly don't know how.

  2. Thank you so much for all your great vids. You have really helped me out. Can I simply take my SD card retropie image out if my Pi 3 B and use it in the new B+?

  3. Hi ETA, can you just clear something up for me. I've googled the question, but I've not found a simple answer.
    I've seen you and others advice to update the setup script when accessing the Retropie Setup menu, but I'm just wondering, why is what? I can see that doing so today it's updated to 4.4, but what about all the other times when it only updated by the odd digit, what is the benefit of updating the script? Sorry for sounding like a noob, but I really am with this. Your vids are definitely helping out though. One last thing, I've updated the script to 4.4, but I dont think I'll update the actual Retropie to this new version as I've no way to backup my SD card at the minute. Is it okay to carry on with 4.3 even though I've updated the script to 4.4? Just wondering in case of any issues doing that. Again, sorry, but I'm in the process of getting my head around this. Many many thanks. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Just re flashed my 32gb sd card with this new version. I really like it a lot. So far everything works great! I plan on eventually upgrading to the b+.

  5. Does N64 games work better with this update? Im holding off still with the pi until n64 games work good because thats what i mainly play? Hopefully they do as i like the smaller size prepared to using a pc.

  6. I updated to 4.4 with a fresh install. It is buggy. Lots of my game categories wouldnt show up and there was times when in the menu instead of letters i would get squares. Went back to the community release of retropie 4.3 stretch.

  7. Hey ETA Prime, was wondering if you would be able to check out how RetroPie 4.4 runs on Asus Tinkerboard now since this build provides basic support for the tinkerboard.

  8. I am having issues installing. No matter what version I download, what SD card I use, what format of SD card I make, what is plugged into the pie, nothing matters. I always end up with Illegal instruction.

    Currently I am using
    Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    Retropie 4.4 for pi 2/3 (7 zip used to extract the image)
    Etcher Win 64
    Samsung 32GB/64GB Evo micro sd

    This is driving me insane. sum checks out clean. Install goes great up until that moment. No idea wth is wrong. I tried to install Raspbian on it and it worked fine.

  9. I love your videos, very helpful. I'm just curious, I want to build a retropi but there's one thing I don't know… where do you get your roms from?

  10. Did you say Asus Tinkerboard??? I wonder what the performance comparison between the Odroid and the Tinker board… If they only made a standalone OS…

  11. I was wondering how do you get your screen on the retropie to record without having to show it from a far recording on another device?

  12. Hi! Thanks for your video tutorials I finally got my first Raspberry Pi B+ up and running. How do we get sound over HDMI or headphones on RPI B+? Thanks!

  13. I did the upgrade option. Everything works, except my old save states freeze the game when load. But I did not have any important save game. But watch for this problem if is your case.

  14. Can you update retropie 4.3 to 4.4 through the rasberry pi menu cause i did it and it seems to be working.

  15. Neo geo and pcengine cant play rom and rpi3b+ cant boot retropie low version it only work on retropie 4.4 so sad

  16. There are a lot of comments on here about this but I just wanted to quickly share my duplicated experience with 4.4 – I installed fresh install a few times and found that three log files in the /var/log directory, namely messages, syslog and kern.log (I think) were quickly filling up the partition on the sd card until it got to 100% and gave me errors of no room left on my storage. I went back and installed retropie 4.3 to check and this wasn't happening there. ETA Prime if you find a fix can you please post a video on this if possible. Cheers

  17. I made a new flash of this and my NESFlag case uses too much power now. It's like they are forcing me to buy the upgraded case?


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