RetroPie For The Odroid Xu4 First Look! Available Now!


RetroPie for the Xu4! In this video, I take a look at the first stand-alone release of RetroPie for the Odroid Xu4.

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RetroPie XU4 Changelog:

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  1. I have problem playing N64 games Why 007 goldeneye N64 is playing laggy do I have to do update on that fresh image for the n64 games

  2. I was reading through the changelog, it states that this only supports loading from SD card, states that changes will need to be made to the boot files for EMMC boot, any idea on what files need to be changed and how? Better yet, if you do know, care to make a video? I'll personally shoot $5 to your paypal account.

  3. Hey ETA Can you do a video of how to set up an external HDD to run the games off of. I tried but it's taking forever to load them and sometimes I just get a black screen.

  4. I have this up and running with my roms plugged in and working. Still having a bit of trouble figuring out how to get it hooked up to the internet. I have it plugged directly into my router with some cat6. Am I missing something?

  5. How about dragons lair ! Dont you need the Challenge + the Amazon link says its unavailable
    Im ready to get me an xtension stick ; it seems like if i want new games I better get the Odroid Not the Pie

  6. also the controls are off (at least for me) am using a wireless (with a dongel) ps3 controller and on the N64 cant get and of the triangle square x or o buttons to work. also on some games it takes between 2-4 minutes for controllers to work at all.

  7. Does anyone know a reliable Retropie XU4 Image source? It seems like these are downloading "HTML" rather than "IMG" files….

  8. I have the Odroid with retropie, but no WiFi yet. How do I move games over from my computer? Because I plugged in my flash drive and it didn’t put folders on it.

  9. hey ETA i had a question did you have any problems loading rom to the emulator b/c i just flashed my odroid with retropie and when i put in some roms in the rom folder and go to load it up and i get a black screen any ideas how to fix it?


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