RetroPie ROM Seller on Amazon (Scumbag Seller!) – #CUPodcast


A RetroPie ROM seller on Amazon is our Scumbag Seller of the Week!
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  1. Much better than reporting this to Amazon before buying it would be to buy it, then report to Amazon that they are selling counterfeit software, because they are. Amazon will refund your money and the scumbag gets screwed for it. I really used to think that was being a dick, but nowadays after seeing how many of these scumbags and scammers are out there… They need to have it sting a little.

  2. Honestly getting a good setup together on a PI is time consuming if you want box art, preview videos for all the games, back info etc, all the emulators setups, all the post processing/filters/sound etc setup for each game system, controller setup(this takes a while if you are using arcade buttons/joysticks) I spent MANY hours to get my pi cab setup in software stuff alone. Never mind the many hours and testing/hardware mods to get better quality sound out of it over speakers, hdmi to component was also a pain in the ass. There is alot more too getting a good setup than most people think. You can get a prepack of roms but its not going to include all that setup work, getting menus right, controls, scanlines etc…

  3. OMG thanks for making me want cupcakes, Pat. I lived for the cupcake bake sale and scholastic book fairs!

  4. I thought that beginning was intentional for dramatic effect "We haven't talked about a SCUMBAG… scumbag…ˢᶜᵘᵐᵇᵃᵍ …."

  5. I feel like people have been buying/selling used retropies for years with roms already installed. Seems like pretending the SD card is a product of it's own is the next evolution of that. Wrong to do that, just not overly surprising.

  6. Emulation has sort of killed the collecting bug for me a little bit. Why work toward a complete collection for a system when you can download one. Its why I started collecting CIB games rather than loose carts. If I want to play it my PC is in the same room as my games.

  7. This video made me go through so many emotions, confusion, anger, shocked, neutral, hungry, nostalgic, and ended with happy. Thanks guys

  8. Here's some facts to those that say "well that's not much money for the work they did":

    They hardly broke a sweat. It's easy to make an image. There's also tons of them available for free.
    Saying that, I don't recommend 3rd party images. They tend to have custom tweaks and alterations that sometimes break things like adding more input lag or just breaking controls altogether. I'm sure the lazy will still try them, just don't come crying when something breaks. Figure it out or start over fresh.

  9. Amazon made us (my company) delist a GI Joe figure that came with a "laser gun" because we weren't authorized to sell "lasers"…Amazon are complete morons IMO

  10. I'm sure a lot of people will buy something like that because they're not smart enough to follow an instructable and Google some romsets.

  11. I remember washing cars at camp and we used the money we earned to buy a bunch of pizza I remember I ate so much that day I laid on top of one of the picnic tables and started to throw up because I over ate. It was a good day

  12. I know a shop in Vegas that sells modded systems with a shit ton of roms on them for a very steep price. Almost not worth it for as much as they want

  13. I love your guy's banter during and at the end of the videos 🙂 The few school's i attended growing up we sold chocolate for charity and there were incentives for how much you sold

  14. And lots and lots of those roms are probably not working,..because we all know some roms are not 100% working or 100% emulated at this time, plus some are not compatible with different version of mame aka retropie…why to go scumbag ! not mentionning its illegal even more when you sell them publicly, just play with them don't sell them…


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