Review: Experimental Emulators on RetroPie – Raspberry Pi 3


Do you like the Retropie on the Raspberry Pi 3, but wish it had some more emulators? Or maybe you weren’t satisfied with what it could do and need another reason to buy it? Well here are 3 more emulators that we can get running for the Pie that could change your mind or give you something else to do with the device and software. The Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and Sega Dreamcast all have running emulators on the RetroPie for the Raspberry Pi 3 and we are here to test them today. Can they run your favorite games or will hardware limitation finally catch up do this little device?

Skip Intro: 3:50
Nintendo DS: 5:12
Sony PSP: 12:16
Sega Dreamcast: 16:20

Edit 1: I forgot to put the compatibility list here from github for PSP and Dreamcast games. FYI the lists takes some time to load so give it a second before you try to Ctrl-F to find the game.

Github DS Page:

Github PSP Page:

PSP Compatibility list:

Github Dreamcast Page:

Dreamcast Compatibility list:

Note: If I seem too negative at certain points understand that I am talking about it from the perspective of someone who may want to purchase the device for any of these 3 emulators. If something that someone wants isn’t possible on the device then it needs to be said to make sure someone doesn’t feel cheated out of a purchase. The fact that any of these emulators can do what they can on the Pi 3 is amazing, but that doesn’t make the problems that are there go away for fans who want to buy this machine.

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  1. 2 Players does work in MvC2. You need to go into the reicast config menu to setup your 2nd controller for it to be recognized (after you've set up the controller in RetroPie).

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  3. 9:31 there is actually a rom patch for LOZ PH DS i have it on my DS flashcard, it lets you use the d pad to move instead of the touch screen

  4. don't you ever compare the dreamcast to the wiiU, the dreamcast died cause Sony released the ps2 a year later on to is life span not cause of lack of games unlike the wiiU.

  5. If you find a game that doesn't work, you can find out some more information as to why the game doesn't work, you can connect to the pi through SSH and type

    nano /dev/shm/runcommand.log

    immediately after it crashes. It should show the errors that came up and why it crashed.

    Also, on my pi3 I had to switch from lr-ppsspp to regular ppsspp to reduce lag on Tekken 6 but lag was still kind of there. I also had to change a couple of settings as well.

    You need to delete everything on the card on reicast for saves to work, also I managed to remap the quit button to the Xbox menu button. I managed to get Soul Calibur and SNK vs Capcom to run perfectly on even a pi2 (well, perfectly speed wise Soul Calbur has visual glitches)

    Oh yeah, both were overclocked and SPOILER ALERT: you WILL need a heatsink AND a fan to overclock a Pi3.

  6. the dc emu lags too much due to ram limitations the VDP ram uses a lot of ram trust me retro pies suck ass for n64 and Dc and ps1 even sega cd

  7. and sonic adventure 2 still doesn't support shadows for the characters and king boom boo boss making the game unplayable because of the bug that wasn't fix it 🙁

  8. I got a 1st run Intel Compute stick stuck in the back if my TV with a usb hub and wireless logitech keyboard. That's the best in my opinion for emulation compared to any pi

  9. Hey man Nice Video, but about the Psp emulator If you go to the experimental section and get the PPSSPP emulator ( not lr-PPSSPP like your using) you can get PsP games running 10x better. After downloading PPSSPP go into the emulator and press escape on your keyboard to enter the emulator selection screen, go into the settings, change the frame skip setting to 2 or 3 and change PsP resolution to 2xpsp. Beyond that you can just try to mess with the setting to get it to where you want it. Sorry if I rambled and if you need me to explain something I'd be glad to help out. Anyhoo, hope you try this out.

  10. I just downloaded Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure 2 from CoolRom it's a good place for Dreamcast rom downloads cuz it only has cdi

  11. RomHustler is another good rom download site some DS roms were taken down from LoveRoms which is where I download most of my roms on RomHustler I found the DS roms that I wanted that had been removed by DMCA from LoveRoms

  12. Can you please try the non lr-ppsspp emulator? It runs games beautifully. The biggest things to do to optimize is to put on FXAA Antialiasing, Put frameskip on 2, Cap the framerate at 60, and put the audio latency to high and if you do, can you try Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Me and my Katamari? Mainly because I want to hear your thoughts on them.


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