RPG Quest #149: King’s Field (PS1) Part 1


RPG Quest is my attempt to beat every English RPGs released on consoles.

Playlist of all parts:

Game #149 is King’s Field on PS1, a CRPG.

The first English PS1 RPG on our list is King’s Field, a first-person dungeon crawler from From Software, known best for the Dark Souls series. While it’s the second of the King’s Field series (the first game being a launch title for the Japanese PS1 launch), it was renumbered for the west as the original didn’t get localized here.

You play as Alexander, a friend of the King, who is tasked with traveling to the island of Melanat to retrieve the Moonlight Sword before the evil Necron does. Your ship crashes on the way there, and you wake up on the shores of the island with no weapons or armor save for your dagger.

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  1. Hey friend – why not try that truth mirror out while standing in front of the NPCs? Or the Monsters? Just a friendly suggestion~


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