Sailor Moon (Sega Saturn vs Playstation) Side by Side Comparison


Sailor Moon SuperS/ Sailor Moon Super S Comparison – Playstation vs Sega Saturn vs Ps1/ Psx/ Playstation. (Video Game/ Games)
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  1. Why no FMV cutscenes in PSX version??? Maybe, the best thing of the package (for a fan, I suppose the main if not the only target of this game) and they left it out.

  2. This looks like a rather mediocre and forgettable fighter. Would favor the Saturn version obviously. Quicker load times, more appealing menu designs, and the FMV intro beats the scrolling text of the PS1 version.

  3. The JPEG looking backgrounds on the PlayStation version are just horrible. It's like someone watch the anime and just use a cheap Polaroid camera to capture. At least the Saturn version's background looks hands drawn and render.

  4. 14:25 Geez, why does Chibi-Usa/Chibi-Moon/Reeny have tween proportions in the Saturn version but toddler proportions in the Playstation version? And both versions seem a bit out of proportion compared to the anime (Saturn, a few inches too tall, Playstation, many inches too small).

    Playstation Chibi-Usa looks more like Chibi-Chibi in size.

  5. Me desculpe, mas o jogo parece um Clay Fighter.
    Os desenvolvedores deviam ter feito com os gráficos estilo Street Fighter Alpha.

  6. eu gosto muito da sailor moon, mas ambos os 2 jogos deixaram muito da desejar; a versão do saturn leva a vantagem porque tem cenas de animação e a transformação da sailor saturno que nunca vista até agora no anime; mas de resto, tudo é travado, até na jogabilidade em ambas as versões.

  7. Various Emotion was trash, and that's coming from a Sailor Moon fan (also, DiC butchered the anime as well smh)
    But it's sad that even game this bad shows the Saturn's superiority over the PSX
    it's rare a game on both consoles would be worse on the Saturn, probably the best example I know is Toshinden which was backported horribly making a bad game even worse smh


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