Sakura Wars – Live English Dubbing #1 (Sega Saturn/PSP)


The original Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) games were never localized officially into English. Despite this, I’ve always had a huge fondness for Sakura Wars, after playing the first one, which can only be found currently in Japanese. There have been attempts at fan translations made into a patch, but none have yet been completed. Until the day we can see this game in English natively, playing the original game and dubbing over it live ourselves is kind of entertaining. I hope that by doing this, you viewers can also see why I love this game and this franchise! Hopefully we can do this relatively regularly. More coming soon!


  1. Hell yes!! A live dub of my favorite game and anime of all time? This makes me so nostalgic since I fell in love with the series as a teen. It was super empowering to see a team of women from all over the world kicking butt all while being well rounded characters. As a girl it always made me feel AWESOME. Kanna and Maria are my personal faves. But I love Kohran too.

  2. Hi I'm a new subscriber, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what went on with Channel awesome and you have my support. I hope that you have a fantastic day and God bless!

  3. let's hope the failure of SW5 doesn't stop them from localizing the upcoming game they announced.Times have changed and I'm sure there will be room for it now.

  4. Oh goooood, I already feel the urge to get into kobu to punch demons & choose waifu!
    Unnecessary piece of trivia: in 2006 the russian publisher Akella somehow got the rights to release all 4 games in local market (Windows versions, obviously). Sadly, the quality of the first one was just HORRIBLE: the translation was too literal, too straight (and that's not a good thing in case of Japanese), the quality was dropping down in real-time, chapter by chapter, becoming mostly machine-translated.
    When releasing the second one in 2008 Akella hired an actual fans of the series and the end result was MUCH MORE competent (that's also the reason for the 2-years delay).
    There's a rumor, that this group actually (nearly) finished the third one but it wasn't released due to lack of anime market in Russia at that time (2009-11) & publisher's upcoming bankrupcy.
    And now back to video: amazing job with VO, Kaylyn & Chris 🙂 And I'm also waiting for new SHIN ST! It MUST be the full-fledged game, it was 13 years!..

    P.S. What are you gonna to do when Kayama's transcript ends? It only lasts 4 chapters of 10

  5. I've never seen a "Let's Play" like this before, and I think it's really, really cool!! Thank you for using your skills to help share a game that most of us would otherwise never experience. ^-^

  6. The game looks pretty awesome! But I can't read Japanese at all. So I have to play your streams as I play…? 😅

  7. Of course you can voice act ellipsis. You just say the word, or dot dot dot. S'what I do. Also hi, it's Zappa.

  8. So, random question.

    I know your a major fan of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider franchises, but what about the Ultraman and GARO franchises? Like? Love? Dislike? Hate? Indifferent? Never seen them? An inquiring mind requests to know! 😉

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