SCOTT AND KYLE’S REVIEWS: Sega Genesis Arcade Motion Dual by AtGames pt 3 of 3


Kyle and I take a look at the Sega Genesis Arcade Motion Dual plug and play video game console. Good old retro gaming for the next generation! PART 3


  1. @06:08 "Sound is much better" I would have to disagree, Sonic still sounds off-key, which completely ruins the whole nostalgia.

    Although, these are on sale in the UK at the moment at half price, I might buy one just so I can play the Mega Drive version of Super Mario Bros.

  2. @ Jonny… Also check out angry birds for genesis. It works rather well with slight graphical glitches on this system. While it's not quite angry birds as we know it, it's free, lol, even just for the novelty of playing it on television 🙂


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