SEGA DREAMCAST, It’s Still Thinking… of Ways to Destroy You! Classic Game Room


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Classic Game Room PODCAST PROMO features the July 2016 CGR 2085 Podcast titled: The Sega Dreamcast, It’s still thinking… of ways to destroy you!


  1. Sega were arguably never more creative than during the Dreamcast era. It is almost like management said "just go for it, make the games you want to make to the developers." And as such we got an incredible range of games. It also probably had more hits per number of games released than any other system. Fantastic that games are still released for it.

  2. Wow, this much Dreamcast controller bashing for a Dreamcast pridecast!

    It's really not the best controller ever, the triggers could feel a bit more solidly built since they feel a bit weak to the sides, and for a long time i thought its analog stick is rather lousy but since then i felt most of nowadays controllers, and those analogs aren't all that great either. I guess the perfect analog stick is just non-existent right now. Maybe the PS4's is the only one that is obviously superior. Otherwise, i love the overall look, build quality, weight, button placement is decent, nice color use, and i wasn't bothered by the cable placement ever. I was only bothered by some of my stupid friends and relatives, immediately lazily laying back, while squeezing the controller to their chests, with the cable forced into a 90 degree angle, i just couldn't understand what the fuck that was.

    Oh, also it has a wonderful directional pad. I love how it is deep as a Mega Drive dir. pad, but simple cross design as a Nintendo dir. pad. Excellent while playing Under Defeat.

  3. I deserve twice as many podcasts! I back Patreon with Truxton!!! Dreamcast was a dope system I grew up with, though the Sega Megadrive and also Sega Nomad will always be my favorites.

  4. The Dreamcast was amazing. although it didn't bother me then when I go back to play I find myself disliking the controller

  5. Iam sure the podcast is where Lord Marcus Karnage is where he shares his deepest and most complex thoughts

  6. Lets put it simple: The Dreamcast was the last video game console. Since then its all home entertainment and Pay2Win. Thats why so many real gamers like it. There never was a better console out there.


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