Sega Genesis checksum error (Sonic the Hedgehog) red screen


and a game that ignores the checksum. (ECCO)


  1. Good to see you back online, Ren. You're an awesome Youtuber, make more PSX Sounds videos and these type of stuff.

    From our whole game development team, NovaTorch.

  2. My Genesis model 2 works every games except for Strider, it had checksum error, so, i tried Genesis model 1 it works, do i have to clean my model 2 or?

  3. On my Genesis 2, I had the red screen show up when I put in QuackShot, but into the 32X, and not the Genesis itself. On the 32X, Red Screen, black for Jungle Strike. But on the Genesis WITHOUT the 32X, It works. I just wanna know if all I gotta do is return Knuckles Chaotix. My guess is that I have to clean the 32X, REALLY GOOD!

  4. I have a Sonic 1 REV 00 ROM and when i got a chaos emerald in special stage, right when it said Chaos Emerald, it cut to bliue. I reset and it got stuck on red. But as long as i don't collect a Chaos Emerald, I'll be fine. 

  5. I had red screen when I hacked Streets of Rage 3/Bare Knuckle 3 ROMs with LunarIPS or hex editor (I knew exactly what I do). It could be repaired with ESE Fix Checksum or GenSuite (ironically this useful program was created by Venezuelan programmer Tom Maneiro, creator of infamous CrazyBus with music of mass destruction) by fixing ROM checksum.

  6. I actually got a red screen (on camera) from the result of cartridge tilting. I thought my Sonic 1 cart was dead, but it withstood the damage, luckily.


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