Sega Genesis Games#01 – Pit Fighter (Last Battle + Ending) (02/02)


Welcome to second video of my retro games sega project… Classic games that are always good to be reminded.
This video is the Part Two, which shows my gameplay of the excellent fighting game, Pit Fighter (Mega Drive).

You see in this video, the Last Battle and The Ending of this game.

||| Please watch in High Quality |||



  1. a…i remember this game…the fastest way to beat mad miles was to throw him so he lands on the front hood of the car on the lower left hand side of the screen…..if you time it just right you can throw elbows on him while he tries to get up…watch his life go fast…took me only 30 seconds to beat him once…

  2. Yeah dude, this game rulez a lot!
    The best way against Mad Miles, is that you don't give space and time, for his reaction.
    You must pick the "two pills of force" and kill him as soon as possible!
    Please Stephen, you can subscribe my channel??

  3. Yeah dude, Pit-Fighter (Sega Genesis) is better that Snes version!
    Please, can you subscribe my channel???
    Awesome Christmas!

  4. damn, this is game must be awesome, I never played that… I guess I will… but I do not have Sega Genesis console, I only have Snes one…I have been told Snes pit fighter version is as bad as a diarrhea coming out bufallo's ass…. well, I'll have to play it on an emulator.

  5. hey dude : ) i know about this game it's the another version , the same one but for computer , do you know where can i download it ? or could you gave me a link ? sorry for my poor english : D


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