Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2 UNBOXING and Donald Trump Captain Courageous Bone Spur!


Remember to like and subscribe you Killer Comedy Unleashed for more fantastic entertainment. President Donald Trump said Monday he would have stormed into the Florida high school to stop the gunman perpetrating the nation’s latest mass shooting. “You don’t know until you test it, but I think, I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon and I think most of the people in this room would have done that too,” Trump told a gathering of us Governors at the White House lol ok!


  1. My favourite Beat em' up series. I still have my originals. Streets Of Rage 2 was the first Genesis game I ever played. My copy came with my Genesis. All 3 are awesome games with some dope music.

  2. You know, I was gone to send you this video of someone "complaining" about 4K, but I was on my phone and couldn't share. By the way, if we are going to ban video game because of violence, good. I'll take it, but you have to ban the bible for the same thing. And i'm not even a atheist. Good video.

  3. Some one needs to make a Streets of Rage 2 game hack where Donald Trump is the enemy that's moves across the screen shooting fire out of his mouth and laughs when the character gets hit.Hahaha! I always like using Blaze on this game, a good balance of everything, technique, speed, jump, power, etc. Axel was good to. Him and Blaze was my # 1 and 2. I've beaten it with all characters. Games today don't have replay value like they once had.

  4. SOR2, one of the best games ever made. With tears in my eyes the memories float through my mind. What a game, what a time….The intro song makes me cry….

  5. Solid Hed just put 4k back 10 years with his dumbass comments after buying a cheapo 4k tv . What was he expecting for $900 and a fisher price player ?

  6. The funding for social services is cut back to the bone to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy time and time again and he wonders why the shooter wasn't stuck in a looney bin. Well Mr. Trump unfortunately the overflow of mental patients that cannot be treated ends up in your for profit prison system where it doesn't make "financial sense" to get them treatment ethier so they end up on the outside in society or dead. But even if these ill people had the capacity to get better their health system/insurance is fucked so it likely would not happen anyway. America where the wealthy step on the throat of the poor and they get worshipped for it.

  7. I have such nostalgia with the streets of rage series. The SNES does a lot of things better but nothing can match that Genesis sound of the SOR music blaring out my crt. I remember the stupid console wars and guys saying mario would always be superiour but me countering that you could beat people the fuck up in streets of rage lol. I always wondered what axel was saying when he did that sweeping punch until i found out the game was called bare knuckle in Japan and he was saying that.

  8. What in the blue hell this nerd playing as Sonya with his pokemon toys taped to the walls should have bought that 4k emerson with your tax return instead loser

  9. This game is a must have in your Genesis collection.The gameplay is perfect.The music amazing.The character select is balanced.You can't go wrong with streets of rage 2 and I mostly played with blaze which is the girl Joe was referring to.

  10. Hey joe, did u ever respond to my private message about po box yet?? If u did i didnt get it or maybe i dont know how to check my messages. You were the only private message i ever sent, please try to understand my neglagence. πŸ‘ sorry people, im not as smart as rich or YEREK!!!

  11. Video games and movies, please. its been like that forever and back then this stuff never used to happen like this and we had violent movies and games. cool sonic shirt

  12. Final Fight and Streets of Rage were the best. i got the Sonic Sega Classics on xbox 360 with Sonic on the cover and many of those classic Genesis games on one disc.
    nothing still compares to playing on the Genesis itself.

  13. Another amazing video by the Genius/Legend. I still have this game for my Sega Nomad. Skate was my favorite character…the good old days where the graphics went hand in hand with the fun Factor. The soundtrack was epic as well. +KCU+ Keep creating and elevating the minds of your viewers.


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