Sega Mega Drive HD clone unboxing & review


After hearing about the oddball electronics from AliExpress for quite some time, I decided to shop there and purchase a clone Mega Drive console that hooks up to modern TV sets via HDMI. Does this console do what it advertises? Have you considered using AliExpress to get electronics? What did you think of the console?

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  1. Just a quick update: I guess later versions of Ever Drive work with the console. There also is a mega drive model 2 package with a better 112 in 1 multi cart.

  2. AT genesis flashback hd I had put this in order but not bought but bought this one had a good review had the china Sega mega drive hd clone but ordered at aliexpress.

  3. Excellent reviews. Just i liked to see the "guts" of the machine in compare with sega genesis's At Games. Sorry for my language, Im from México. Thanks

  4. Wow, so negative on this one, so positive on the other one. Gee, I wonder who has a paycheck from a certain company to review their rubbish consoles. :/

  5. Interesting product, though you can see why you have to order from China, as the manufacturer would get sued in other countries for multiple copyright violations. But, it certainly looks like a Mega Drive/Genesis. It likely runs SoC tech, like a lot of clones do. It's funny, because the info on the back of the box reminds me of the Gamerz Tek boxes. Gamerz Tek is an American company, but their consoles are manufactured in China.


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