Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad VS Sega Dreamcast Controller


***Sorry for the Re-upload! First one had sound problems*** Today I compare the Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad VS The Sega Dreamcast’s Controller! Which is better???

Song – Porta Vista By: Hyper Potions –

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  1. I only ever had a 3D controller with my Sega Saturn, and no other normal controllers, so I used mine for everything. I love the design of it, and using the analogue in games like duke nukem 3d is great(even though its not support it) 🙂

    I never understood why the Dreamcast controller had the wire come out the bottom of the controller though. I think it makes no sense xD

  2. The Saturn controller looks better cause it has more buttons compare to the DC controller only if the DC controller had two analog sticks and 6 button layout


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