Friday, March 23, 2018

Sega Saturn 3d Controller

The it what later became the Sega Dreamcast Controller. ?

Sega Saturn Promo Video – THE SILVER HEAD!

Back in 1995 Sega Saturn was up against the Sony Playstation in a bid to become the king of consoles, They would try to outdo each other with their advertising campaigns. I...

Sailor Moon (Sega Saturn vs Playstation) Side by Side Comparison

Sailor Moon SuperS/ Sailor Moon Super S Comparison - Playstation vs Sega Saturn vs Ps1/ Psx/ Playstation. (Video Game/ Games) --------------------- All rights go to their respective owners and is used under the Fair Use. ---------------------

Sega Saturn History

A retrospective look at the infamous Sega Saturn console life cycle. From troubled beginnings, the system is soaked in history. An underated console with a strong fan base. A must watch for any video...

Ultimate Dreamcast!

Dalos priekā ar draugiem, kuriem interesē tehniskas lietas. Beigtam Sega Dreamcast tiek dota otra iespēja - ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) - GDEMU.

Sega Saturn CD Swap Back Up Trick No ModChip Hack

How to play cd-r back ups on your Sega Saturn without a modchip. The only tools required are a screwdriver and some tape! Watch the video to see how easy its done. Comment below...

retropie + logitech keyboard K480 connection

레트로파이에 로지텍 블루투스 키보드 K480 연결... 잘된다^^

SAT Dragon Force

Support Shiryu on Patreon: Welcome to Legendra! Eight kingdoms, eight kings (or queens), eight epic story plots to follow. "Dragon Force" doest nothing wrong and remains by far one of my all time favourite...

Game Play Space Harrier

En Space Harrier, el personaje es capaz de volar con un a gran arma de combate que dispara bolas de energía. Este personaje puede ser desplazado en todas direcciones dentro de un plano...

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