Monday, February 19, 2018

3 Sega Saturn Sports Titles Pickups Classic Retro Game Room

Best On The Tube! Only the greatest videos make it onto our channel so don't forget to subscribe! fails farts fart farting funny comedy best greatest good video videos ever football premier league england soccer...

Asuka 120% BURNING fest. LIMITED (Sega Saturn)

Intro for "Asuka 120% BURNING fest. LIMITED". This version was only available on Sega Saturn. All sequels were released on PSX/JPN. Rumor has it that there is a expansion patch for...

Sega Saturn Promo Video – THE SILVER HEAD!

Back in 1995 Sega Saturn was up against the Sony Playstation in a bid to become the king of consoles, They would try to outdo each other with their advertising campaigns. I...

Tomb Raider, Sega Saturn – Playstation comparison.

The Playstation version run far more smoothly than de Saturn one. Greater color palette, and maybe the most noticeable difference is the use of alpha textures, aka transparencies, totally absent in the sega saturn version....

Sega Wall Episode 5 Sega 32X

This episode is taking a look at my 32x collection so far this is a Sega add on that sparks an interesting debate are you a fan? Please give me your opinions in comments...

Shenmue Sega Saturn Prototype

Prototype of a Saturn version of Shenmue, which later ended up being released on the Sega Dreamcast.

Sega Saturn: Swagman [1/2]

This action adventure was only released on the PAL market but features plenty of action and puzzle elements together with an excellent soundtrack. Part 2/2 will be up soon.

Dark Savior – Sega Saturn – Opening Gameplay [720p 60fps]

Release: 1996 Developer: Climax Publisher: Sega (USA & Europe) Climax (Japan) Also known as: ダークセイバー Isometric action adventure that is a semi-sequel to climax's previous games LandStalker and Lady Stalker. Roughly thirty minutes of footages that shows off...

T-5206G – Noon Intro JPN Sega Saturn

Intro video of Noon JPN (T-5206G - ヌーン) for the Sega Saturn Video Provided by More info about this game: . Sega Saturn Store: Video Games Store: Hottest Sega Saturn Auctions:

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