Friday, November 24, 2017

Death Throttle, Sega Saturn Japan

A game play shortly after a new game. Death Throttle also known as Quarantine was also on 3DO (an obscure console), Japanse PS1 (with green blood) and its original PC release. The Saturn version...

Classic Game Room HD – LAYER SECTION for Sega Saturn review

Classic Game Room HD reviews LAYER SECTION for the Sega Saturn. This space ship shooter from Taito is a Japanese release and the console version of the Japanese arcade shooter, Rayforce. Layer Section is...

Strictly Sega 9 – Saturn Top 10

Charlie & Nick's Favourite Saturn Games. We are aware that alot of people will not aggree with our selection, please let us know what your favourites are too. It's the final countdown.... Enjoy the show. PLUS: New Intro,...

Sega Saturn – 20th Anniversary – Games Showcase [720p 60fps]

November 22nd 2014 marks 20 years since the release of the Sega Saturn in Japan. If it makes you feel old, well don't worry here is a showcase of some of the greatest games...

Sega Saturn Sonic R

Sonic R for Sega Saturn. PAL version. Showing most routes of the second track.

G Vector gameplay, Sega Saturn

Shooters where you fly into the screen ("space harrier" games) aren't my type of game, but I would say that this game is alright. Played on original console.

Sega Ages Dragon Force – Mikhal vs. Goldark

From the Sega Ages Dragon Force remake for the PS2. The illustrations have been redrawn, and the scene before the battle now includes voice acting. Mikhal isn't actually present during this battle, however Izumo troops...

Dragon Force Intro

Intro to Dragon Force Game

Rise and Fall of The Sega Saturn

Tee talks about the rise and fall of his second favorite console of all time, The Sega Saturn Support #OperationPlatinum Join my Facebook Community Nintendo Fight Clubbers: SUBSCRIBE to my Playeressence and Gamers@Large Network Partners FOOS! Gamers@Large:...

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