Sega Wall – channel update – pick ups – Neo Geo – Mega CD – Sega Saturn – Dreamcast


As promised Another pick ups video, catching up with the games I’ve hunted down over the last 3 months this episode focuses on the CD games

Sorry for the zombie eyes I was experimenting with light hehehehehe

Onaretrotip link

Retro Realm link

Galaxy Sega link


  1. Another fine set of Pick Ups mate, especially Theme Park. That one took me a while to get hold of on the Mega CD! A lot of the cheaper/mid range games are picking up in price for the System atm!

  2. Wicked mega cd grabs there Scott, have you got mad dog on the Wii? (its shite btw) but id be interested to know if the sega cd version is any good as I loved them in the arcades


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