SGB Play: Jersey Devil – Part 1 | Jersey’s Watchful Protector


Matt’s pick for this year’s Halloweenfest is this PS1…classic? As if Jersey didn’t have enough problems already, it’s also roaming with freaky experiments. Thankfully, the Jersey Devil is on the scene, so let’s teach Dr. Knarf a lesson and give Jersey one less thing to worry about!


  1. I've always wondered, why Jersey Devil never used his wings to fly. Maybe Knarf injured his wings as an infant. Does anyone have any theories on this little detail?

  2. I…..never heard of this game before and I grew up in this era too….also Symphony of the Nights anniversary was yesterday by the by

  3. So, let me get this straight… Does this means that with this LP, the regular LPs and Splatterhouse, we'll have 3 SGB videos everyday?

    Hey, I'm not complaining! ^^

  4. Ah yes Jersey Devil, in the ps1 days when you just look around in video game stores and find whatever you see that looks fun, no reviews, not internet, no hype.

  5. I grew up playing this game in the UK, and I'm not sure if my version was European or just an earlier build but there were slight differences.
    The main one is that the Nitro boxes were the same colour as regular boxes, but had a red (K) on it… I think in general there were also more brown boxes everywhere?
    Other things, I'm not 100% sure about because I don't remember clearly but:
    -There wasn't a tutorial
    -KNARF tokens weren't different colours
    Again, I may be wrong but I remember watching a let's play of this game a while back and there were other differences. Guess I'll point them out as the series goes on.

  6. 4:25 Alright, guys. That was a great episode, so let's pack it up and ship it to the executives to see if we get the greenlight on this show.

    Wait, this is a game? Well shit.

  7. And I had thought this game was a lost relic from the past of video store rentals… I remember getting this, Vigilante 8, and Poy Poy 2 often. I immediately clicked this video as fast as I did with Eternal Punishment's 1st part! Happy Halloweenfest indeed!

  8. I actually kinda like the idea for your health drains as you fall IF there wasn't a glide ability, sort of tells you how much health you're losing from the fall as you fall so you can actually gauge how far you can drop a bit better

  9. This game was my childhood and I still love it to this day it's very fun and very awesome and I would definitely love to see a HD Remastered Version that would be awesome

  10. holy shit its real, i thought this game was just some dream i had at one point.
    i remember playing a demo on a demo disc, but i never remembered which one so i really thought this game didn't exist.
    thanks matt, i'm looking forward to this one.

  11. My sister had this game for the original PlayStation and we played the ever-living hell out of it along with Spyro the Dragon Crash Bandicoot and Brave fencer Musashi and many other squaresoft titles back in the early 1990s.

  12. Gee, that's like the perfect timing to play this not because it's hallooween soon but behaviour interactive is celebrating its 25th year. I saw one of their posters in montreal that showed many liscences they worked with and some of the characters they made but jersey devil was not there.

  13. Oh god, I actually played this game! I never knew the name because I didn't understand english at the time, so I always called this game "that one with the Vampire".
    – V.D.

  14. it just makes me so happy someone finds my favorite childhood game… wether they bash it or ironically like it, I'm just happy someone discovers it and plays it for themselves lol.


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