Shinobi Playthrough Part 1 (PS2)


I finally decided to start this game! I’m feeling so nostalgic about this! I just had to! If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to forgive myself! XD The game starts off with a very brutal ritual involving a fight between Hotsuma and Moritsune! They have to fight each other and shed each other’s blood in order to determine who will be the next leader of the Oboro Ninja clan! The scene switches to a scene four years later! In this time, a large and mysterious golden palace has suddenly appeared overlooking Tokyo! Also a mysterious evil sorcerer is summoning those talismans with his black/demonic magic to create hellspawn and control anything it touches! So in a sense whatever the talismans touch they revive and the wielder controls them if they’re corpses/zombie ninjas/zombie dogs or tanks and even choppers or whatever inanimate objects as well as demons/hellspawns! Hotsuma the leader and last of the Oboro Clan is in a chopper getting ready to close in on the mysterious palace! He decided to take the shortcut by diving off the chopper and epicly using his sword to slow his decent beside a building! He then confronts his dead allies who are now zombie ninjas under the control of the sorcerer and has no choice but to kill ’em all! HE WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE FOR THIS! Thus, Hotsuma starts his killing spree ninja style! Meanwhile, Hotsuma meets Ageha who reminds him that he no longer has a clan who are all dead! The scene continues to a flashback of Hotsuma and Moritsune fight! Hotsuma won and because of their gruesome ritual he has to kill Moritsune! WTF! Hotsuma recieves Akujiki the soul sucking sword with destructive power! Now, he has to keep feeding the sword with the souls of his enemies including his close Oboro Clan before it feeds on his own soul! O_o


  1. This fuckin game right here…was so raw and amazing but soooo fuckin difficult ??? my childhood tho ?????

  2. como cuando tienes play 2 y no xbox y quieres jugar ninja gaiden black :'v

  3. Im sorry but this is not Shinobi. This has nothing on the Arcade and Genesis versions. Sega hasn't done justice to this franchise on modern era.

  4. This game was really cool. I finished it 100%, but it was so long ago lol. I still have it stored away somewhere. It and Shinobi 2. I always loved the soundtrack to this game too.


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