Should You Buy a GameCube in 2017? | Nintendo GameCube Buying Guide


Here’s a Nintendo GameCube buying guide to celebrate it’s sixteenth birthday! First released in 2001, it wasn’t one of Nintendo’s best selling consoles, but it has definitely earned a large following since. However, with the Nintendo Switch coming out soon and being rumoured to have Gamecube games on it’s Virtual Console, it has to be asked: Is there still any reason to go out and buy a Gamecube (or even a Gamecube-compatible Wii) in 2017?

Is it even worth it to own a Nintendo Gamecube in 2017?

Thus, on today’s episode, we’re going to give you three reasons why to still buy a Gamecube, then counter each reason to show why you may want to pass on the little lunchbox. Is now a good time to get one, or would you be better off getting a Switch? Does it have a good enough library to still warrant a purchase? Find out on today’s episode!

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  1. I hate how casuals portray the competitive scene as fox only, final destination, no items. Obviously no items, but final destination isnt a neutral stage, the most common stage is usually battlefield. Also the top 6 players usually only bring out fox for floaties except for leffen and armada uses fox for hbox and leffen exclusively.

  2. Honestly in 2017, I'd rather support the Switch and retro consoles. I'd still support the Ps3 if games are still being released for it.

  3. I Still have my Gamecube with mi games
    *Super Smash Melee
    *Super Mario Sunshine
    *Metroid Prime all
    *Mario Kart Double Dash
    *Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
    And More :'v fuck i Still have more this was muy favorite Console, Now i use my Wii and play nintedont for Not break the discs :'U

  4. I have just got a gamecube for Christmas with sonic adventure dx, sonic adventure 2 battle, super mario sunshine and the ledgend of zelda wind waker

  5. As I listened to the Game Boy Player portion, thoughts ran through my head:
    >"Since I have a Japanese GameCube, it might be interesting to get one. But why should I when I have a GBA SP?"
    >"Well, I've got Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. Those guys on YouTube who tilt their GameCubes to play the game make it look pretty wacky. That'd be a fun way to play. How's the region-locking?"
    >"Sweet, no locking for the hardware or cartridges. Better double-check that, though." (typetypetype)
    >"'There are a few exceptions, such as games with a tilt sensor.' Drat, so close."
    >"Wait! My bro got me a Japanese copy of Tilt 'n' Tumble years ago! That would likely bypass the exception rule! I'm gonna see if I can buy the Player and disc."
    >"Goshdarn it, $60 for the whole set-up…"

    Excited and disappointed in a span of two minutes.

  6. I actually have a Gamecube, and the prices shown in this video are kind of shocking to me because I got a lot of this stuff at much lower prices. I thought it was just the Gamecube component cables that were pricy, and I got those cheap as a Japanese import because I decided to play Twilight Princess on the GCN and wait on buying a Wii. The Game Boy Player is part of the reason I've kept the system all these years. I also remember after one of my Gamecubes died (another disc drive failure), I purchased a used one with a digital out for $80, and they threw in a WaveBird controller for free. As much as I love my Gamecube, I'm almost tempted to sell now because I could use the money… it seems like I could make at least $300. But ultimately, I'm probably going to keep it.

  7. I honestly, I can't find any cheap-ish Gamecubes that seem legit. (I mainly want a cheap one, cause I really want to get Thousand year door.) Considering it runs on the Wii, I might ask my Cousin to give me his old GameCube controller. Should I get a GameCube Now, or use a Wii, cause I really wanna play the game.

  8. I don't know where you're looking but on amazon you can get a game cube console d controller for 52 bucks, and 2 wave bird controllers with the adapter for 35 bucks.

  9. I still have my Gamecube which I first got back in February 2002 & still works, & also have the Gameboy Player. I've been playing all the games on my Wii since I bought it in 2008. I agree that the controller is amazing & in my opinion the best controller that Nintendo have ever made. Everything is in the right position & is very comfortable in the hands & since Nintendo keeps on re-releasing it that proves it that it's the best! I may be buying a Nintendo Switch in the next couple of months then I'll own all of the home Nintendo consoles except for the NES & SNES, but my cousin has those consoles.

  10. GameCube is easily my favorite game console, it also has my favorite controller, a few of my top ten games. Hope they make a GameCube classic.


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