Silent Hill – Opening – PSone


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  1. I'm always amazed by how realistic the animations are in the intro. All the games I've played that have tried to make movement seem realistic just make it look kind of "off" somehow. But this old 1991 game manages to create some of the most natural human movements ever. Just look at 1:32 when Cybil gets up and walks and especially 1:37 with Lisa and Kauffman arguing. It's so impressive, really. 

    Pretty cool considering that the next game, Silent Hill 2, ends up having some of the best mouth and speaking animations in videogame history.

  2. I purchased this game when I was like 12 and there was this kid in my neighborhood that told me that this game was too much for me, so I made my own rule only play this when I was alone and at night, I finished it with all the endings and I still don't know how I did it, the game was super scary like that, I almost got a hearth attack, I still use the same rule with all horror games, I just love Silent Hill.

  3. I can't lie I was terrified playing this game home alone by myself at night with no lights on.shit gave me the fucking creeps.

  4. I can't give them too much heat considering how difficult technology was to work with when this game came out, but does anyone else think it looks a little creepy that Cheryl and Alessa have an adult face

  5. My older brother's friend let us borrow this game and told us it was like Zelda, so I had to be the first to play it because I was so eager to. Did the whole Cheryl bit at the beginning and when I got to the dark alley with the Mumblers I immediately said "Nope!" and threw the controller as far away as I could from me. Eventually I saw my brother play through the game and jeezus, how in the world was it like Zelda? This game scarred me for life. Even now at 27 years old I still can't play it without being scared shitless.. This game really messed my head lol. It's such an amazing game but it's too much for me… shudders


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