SNES Classic Deluxe Carrying Case by RDS Industries


This is an unboxing for the brand new SNES Classic Deluxe Carrying Case by RDS Industries. Personally i believe they make the best storage cases around. Sorry about the voice going thru some allergies, enjoy.


  1. Damn ordered mine from gamestop for 26$ first it said it was shipping the 15th now its the 22nd..didnt know target had them..damn

  2. Thanks for the video. I saw this one online at GameStop but they didn’t have any good pictures of it so I really wanted to se how it was. I have this brand for the nes and I really like it. I did see the purple one but I read many complains on amazon about it. I mean is pretty cause it looks like a snes but I prefer one that fits everything very well. Glad to know is on target also. Hope you make a video showing how the snes fits in it.


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