SNES Classic Edition – All 21 Games Reviewed


If you believe what Reggie says, you may just be able to actually get a SNES Classic Edition! How well do all 21 classic games hold up? Listen to our boys Chris, Hank, and Brett to find out!

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  1. Great review, I am just 4 hours away from picking up my pre-ordered SNES. However, I will never understand how so many people love Yoshi's Island. I hate that game with a bloody passion. I instantly want to crush the console once I hear that stupid crying baby Mario (my God it's irritating). I was never a DKC or Kirby fan either, although I can definitely see the appeal of those titles.

    Now as for the rest of the package…this is all you can eat steak where the restaurant pays you and it's capped off by a limousine ride through a fireworks factory as it explodes and showers you with money! I mean WOW, this is the mini console we have been waiting for (now of course TMNT Turtles in Time, Chrono Trigger, are sorely missing and someone said Sunset Riders earlier but hey, enough is here). Can we please get a Sega Genesis Classic that doesn't blow absolute chunks. Perhaps we can persuade Nintendo to make one chocked with the best Sega titles and make this old Sega fan truly happy (I have always been a hardcore Sega person at heart).

  2. I had either owned or played all the games except Earthbound and Super Ghost n Goblins and of course Starfox 2. I just got 1. Last one at the store to get it in a walk in. Im very pleased.

  3. I had the snes until i gave it to a cousin of mine but while i had it i had it since it came out i had super mario world and donkey Kong country and 2 and they were really fun

  4. I'm kind of the C64-generation, like 104 years old, but though I was a C64/Amiga fan at the time I loved NES and SNES too. This is actually much more "lasting" than the mini NES, cause the magic Nintendo did with the 16-bit power, but the weird thing about supply and demand so much discussed, is that I live in Sweden, and we have been so freakishly scalped by Nintendo we have the rec price of 195$…the ONLY country in Europe or anywhere else having this phenomenon. Mini NES was about 90$ here, so is SNES in the REST of Europe, but not here. Nintendo Sweden says "they can't answer why Sweden has this price-hike", but clearly someone has screwed us over, cause the electronic prices are pretty much the same all over the EU.
    What makes you think someone plays Scrooge McDuck here is Sweden probably has the most fanatic retro-community per capita in the world, with many people from 3-60 yrs old drewling over every retro collectables.
    It's a real bummer, but this console however is a gem.

  5. How would you not know they were photographed sprites? The movement really isn't that fluid and you can see the individual frames. Not to even mention countless articles about Rare's rendering technology that were talked about all over the place at the time. I knew this even as a kid =x

  6. The pc/android has the most up to date translation out of them all. And honestly its the best I have read. Plus you have the updated visuals (granted that's in debate and does have some issues like you walk over trees on the world map and bed sheets) which I prefer. So not unly do you get an uncen version of the game, nicely done updated visuals and the most up to date script plus all the gba extras as well. But the snes version will always be near and dear to my heart.

  7. Great video guys, my kids have Xbox one and PlayStation four, they make fun of me for plan is old-school games on my modified Nintendo Wii, I would definitely like to get one of these units though, I’m your guys his age and I really don’t care much for the new games

  8. Can't wait to hack mine to get the other two X games and Mechwarrior. Loved Mechwarrior as a kid and really want to play it again.

  9. Just got my snes classic through work have to say love it outside of super ghost and ghouls I'm enjoying every game and to me having 3 amazing rpg games is worth the price aline

  10. fucking numptys. all of you. you will come and watch a video like this but dont have the brains to youtube how to hack the system…..tiiiimah


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