SNES Classic RetroArch Play NES Sega Genesis N64 And More SNES Mini


in this video, I show you how to play NES Sega genesis Nintendo 64 Gameboy advance plus more on the Super NES Classic Edition using RetroArch.

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How to Hack The SNES MINI –
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  1. GBA seems to work fine, but Genesis and N64 give me a black screen before going right back to the snes mini menu, anybody else experience this?

  2. In N64 games (1080° Snowboarding, Rayman 2) not working left, right, up, down, buttons… But in Ridge Racer 64 all works fine, how to solve a problem?

  3. I've seen this asked several time with no answer yet so I'll ask again. It is not letting me drag the Retroarch zip file into Hackchi. It shows an icon saying it won't work. Any answers?

  4. Question as im interested to use retroarch, i have already done a custom kernel once when i uploaded snes games to my snes classic, do i still need to do it from the beginning again, i mean hold the reset button and all that stuff (install driver etc.) or can i skip it, i dont want to make any mistakes and accidentally brick my snes. I will proceed after getting an answer.

  5. how do we get around the analog stick?
    i have diddy kong racing 64 but i cant move..and also the 4 yellow buttons on the 64 remote will be a problem..
    so pretty much a waste adding these games right?(N64)
    love the idea but for now im lost
    any info on a fix would be great

  6. Is there any way we can change any of the names of the original 21 games? I’ve found that I can’t, but I may be missing something.

  7. What is it that can cuz my SNES mini to crash? They tend to be the NeoGeo and Arcade games, or rom hack games (eg.: a fan-made version of say Super Mario or Zelda). I have only 151 games on there—not a big deal. What’s going on? I’ll be 10-15 min into a game and it’ll crash and seen to reset itself. Any info you might be able to share?

  8. Hi, I have to Snes mini (one mine, one my brothers) but only one laptop! Can I use the one laptop to mod both Snes mini or once you download hakchi on the laptop is it automatically linked to the first Snes mini you add games to? I don't want to risk breaking my other one! Thanks for the vid, it explained everything great 🙂

  9. Hi.. I have already added games to my classic SNES using hackchi…. If I want to add the genesis game using hackchi…. Would it write me a new kernel on my SNES classic or would it overwrite the existing kernel and adding retroarch and so on…..


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