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SNES Classic Mini Controller Comparison. Here I’m comparing the original SNES controllers to the new Classic mini controllers, but not on the outside. Today we’re going deeper… TO THE INSIDE. Let’s kick this tear down off.

SNES Controller FAQ:

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  1. Disamble the PS1 Dual Shock Controller & the PS2 Dual Shock Controller.

    The PS1 Controller has a way better build quaility inside 🙂

    But be warned, assembling the PS1 and especially the PS2 controller is not so easy.

  2. "SNES Mini Controller Tear Down & Comparison"
    Uses SNES original pad printed L & R buttons and say it's changed
    (Few SNES pads used this guy)

  3. Question: can you replace the controller connector of a SNES mini controller with an origional SNES connector and make it work on an origional SNES?

  4. I like the SNES pad, but the Mega Drive 6 button controller is much better for Street Fighter (because it was almost certainly designed for it).

  5. Does the old board fit into the new case? That would be a nice way to get a brand "new" controller to the original snes.

  6. L and R weren't printed, they were different plastic inserts. The later versions of the SNES pads had the indented L and R too to save money.

  7. Very nice. It's great to see that all things considered, not much has changed from the old pad to the new. It explains why the SNES Classic controller still feels great and nearly indistinguishable from the original.

  8. There were actually several revisions of the SNES pad, most had moulded L and R labels. The mini one also seems to have the texture of the Super Famicom Jr controller.

  9. The North American SNES had the indented letters on the L and R buttons. They probably just decided it was a small enough detail that they could get away with using them for every model.

  10. My original PAL SNES controller has the button lettering on the L and R buttons ingraved … Interesting
    Maybe there is 2 different versions of the L and R buttons …

  11. Change those old pads! Costs like 3 bucks and it'll make the controller play like new. BTW dont think us controllers had those instructions with button positions.
    Could you swap the old and new L and R buttons?

  12. What it's missing is the Nintendo Club SNES Wii Controller. I have one lying around and compared this between the original PAL and the Wii Version (only from the outside). What I noticed that the Print on the Wii Version is very cheap. It was laying around for some time but I didn't used it that much but the print is getting of a bit and on the original the print is still perfect. The cable is very short but you played it attached to the wii remote so that was not a big deal.
    The big difference is on the back. The original pad has crosshead screws and the wii version triangle. The original pad was made in Japan and the wii version in China.

    It would be interesting to see the difference between because the wii version pad was a limited version and not many people had so many star point and I think people wanted the zelda statue.

  13. My first SNES controller, which came with the Super Mario All-Stars bundle I got for Christmas in 1993, had indented letters on the shoulder buttons.


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