SNES MSU1 U.N. Squadron (JP Area 88)


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A third and final SNES Christmas present, this time from the fine folks at Zeldix. PepilloPEV bring us the second SNES shmup to get MSU-1 digital audio soundtrack treatment, Capcom’s phenomenal “U.N Squadron” (or “Area 88” if the manga/anime just happen to be your top favorite of the genre, as is in my case. as of this upload date there are two PCM packs available, one by Kurrono featuring covers and remixes of the soundtrack and another by Relikk using the CPS1 arcade game soundtrack. I used this later one for the video while adding a little extra that the original OVA fans will probably recognize. Since the arcade game has no main title theme and Relikk’s pack was using the original SNES music, I replaced it with “Asran’s Sky”, track #16 from Act III OVA soundtrack. Hope you enjoy!

All needed files at Zeldix:

Play hard, PLAY LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ



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