SNES Super Famicom Wars


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Another SNES Christmas present, this time from Optiroc. I was expecting a release of this 16-bit outing of Nintendo’s “War”series next year to coincide with the series 30th anniversary, but looks like we get this incredible present early! released in 1998 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the franchise, this fourth entry in the series is a 16-bit update of the Famicom version, with all the lovely bells and whistles one could ever ask.I have been wanting to give this entry a try for decades now, I am glad now everyone with a understanding of English can now enjoy the wacky humor of the series on the Nintendo console that could do it all. Enjoy 13 days of intense battle at Mirror island!

Play hard, PLAY LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Project page:


  1. gotta love how games from the early snes days were not sent to the US until the GBA but it surprises me that the Wars series was.


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