Sonic Adventure 2 HD 60FPS-(Dreamcast) Hero Story-Part 1


This is my commentary of Sonic Adventure 2 on the Sega Dreamcast(also available on GameCube, Xbox 360, Ps3, etc.).
Today is the 14th anniversary of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast! What better way to celebrate than to release the first part of my let’s play on this game today.

You may have noticed the amazing picture quality of the Sega Dreamcast. That can be only accomplished by VGA. It is a video format that you are probably using right now to connect your computer to your monitor. The Dreamcast can out VGA through a VGA box. There are many different boxes out there. The one that I am using is the Retro Bit and it only costs $25. With that amazing device, Dreamcast games look absolutely stunning.

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  1. Back up back up…a Sonic fan who's willing to admit the faults of a Sonic game even though he likes it? THE FUCK IS THIS MADNESS.

    No but seriously though good video. Seeing SA2 on the Dreamcast after years of playing it on Gamecube is kinda freaking me out, even though it's not really that different. XD

  2. Luke's Game PageSweet, only played the original, 2 is one of those games I've been telling myself I would play for years. Which one do you think is better? 4 minutes ago•

  3. Wish there was a DC conversion mod for the PC version like with SADX. You'd have the models (which work with cutscenes) and lighting, plus Sonic's shoes from the trial version if you wanted.

  4. The game engine from Sonic Adventure 2 its simple the best so far what I've seen on Dreamcast. The Sonic Team really made a great job here.

  5. i loved playing this on my 360 back then, then my xbox got wiped out ALONG WITH MY 2 ADVENTURE GAMES… WITH DX AND BATTLE. i really wanted to come back to it, but i wanted to play it on the original experience, the dreamcast version. thats why i want a dreamcast, for sonic adventure 1 and 2, and to me, SONIC ADVENTURE 2 IS THE BBBEST GAME ON THE DREAMCAST.

  6. What about a TV with a VGA port? Actually, I think the monitor looks incredible compared to the TV because the widescreen is better on a computer monitor.

  7. The first time I saw the truck, my whole family freaked out. And since it was Sonic Generations, the saw blades made it worst, and it jumped off a ramp and followed me at the side of the building with rockets! It came close then it crashed at the last second! One of us almost piddled.

  8. No. Sonic Adventure had a ranking system. After you complete a level it shows a text box which has the ranking letter included. The ranks seem hidden but you'll see letters.


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