Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) – Chao Race With Chacron


Here is another great moment in Sonic Adventure…a beginner Chao Race! You can’t win one of these races because one very talented Chao always stands in your way. His name is Chacron, and he is kind enough to offer you a head start before he comes flying to the finish at an incredible speed (equal to that of an all 999-stat Chao.). Here we can see my Nights Chao (named Sonic…I need to go get some CR2032 Batteries for the Visual Memory and rename all my Chao) take on the incredible Chacron. In Sonic Adventure 2, Chao will get a rematch and race Chacron twice!

This is from the original 1998 Japanese release of Sonic Adventure. I’ve heard that entering an all-999 Stat Chao in a Beginner Race will replace Chacron with an army of all-999 Gold and Silver Chao. I’m working on getting a Chao up to that level, so stay tuned for more. Thanks for watching!


  1. My Chaos Chao left that little shit behind by the time i was finished raising them, same in Sonic Adventure 2.

  2. Ive never played enough sonic adventure 1 to get into raising a chao but from what I can see the chao race looks way more epic than it does in sonic adventure 2 (I 100% beat sonic adventure 2)

  3. I hate this little hack using, cheating fucker! Omochao might be annoying to listen to but atleast he's trying to help you.
    This little bastard is just there to piss you off and crush your chances of beating the jewel races again if you already got the emblems for them. If this Chao ever came into my Chao garden…..I would beat the shit out of him until he goes into a white cocoon and disappears forever, so he won't be pissing me off in races anymore>:)
    Oh and imagine if Sega had the cheek to put him in Chao Karate.

  4. I used to legit destroy this chao because my chaos swim stats were 9999 dark chap and its stats bar was almost completely pink so it destroyed in swimming it could finish the swim course in under 9 seconds on 360

  5. Wait you could name Chao in SA1 (DC)?! If so, I'd really like to know how. I just kinda thought you couldn't name them in SA1 (DC).


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