Sonic Jam for Sega Saturn Review: FrameRater


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  1. Additional Notes:
    I used scanlines because I'm an idiot.
    I had no idea both Son of a Glitch and SomecallmeJohnny did the Sonic "Jam" joke before making this (honestly, it's an incredibly easy joke to make).
    You CAN turn off spindash in Sonic 1 in the options menu before launching Sonic 1 within Sonic Jam.
    You can view the original manuals for the games, including their regional copies.

  2. I have been wanting to play through the first 3 games again lately so i just might play sonic jam to do so. It looks like a fun way to replay the original trilogy.

  3. Apologies for the annoying question: but what was that song briefly played in the intro~? Many thanks in advance 😀

  4. Thought that I was going to see more Raymang and Knucks. Was really surprised (and impressed) by an actual game review. Also the ending was the best

  5. Mednafen Saturn core in Retroarch is a more accurate emulator if you can get the fucking thing working right lol

  6. Would you consider doing a Sonic CD video? It's always seemed really in-depth and difficult to understand for me and I feel like you're the perfect person to introduce me to it.

  7. When I bought my Sonic Jam back in 1997 for my sega saturn, I noticed that in the soundtrack, when playing Sonic 2, the song of the invincibility was the music of Sonic 1 and not of Sonic 2. In Mega Drive both songs of invincibility of the 1 and 2 are different, in the Jam version they are the same.

  8. I still play this on real hardware – stream it on twitch from time to time and people are amazed with it look me up on twitch – jasonm79

  9. I find it ironic that you didn't directly mention THIS version of Sonic 1 has a spin dash unlike the original, considering how much of that you have in gameplay. Good video though!

  10. no sonic games on the saturn?
    what about sonic r?
    it's no mario kart, sure, but it was still a fun little racing title with neat level design and tons of replayability.
    so much so that i sorta prefer it over mario kart.

  11. CD Audio needs to load so the cuts in audio are the disk loading tracks. Also the speed up music was a glitch. The Speed Shoes made the game overclock so the music speeding up was because of the change in speed with Sonic. It had something to do with the GPU. People just came to expect the speeding up music so Sega kept doing it. These ports are interesting. Early CD use had a few drawbacks.

  12. I should probably not make this common knowledge, but I got the Japanese version of the game in near mint condition CHEAP. There are quite a few differences between the NA and JP game, notably the cartridges all look like their respective counties' adaptations.


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