Spyro the Dragon -02- Stone Hill


Stone Hill level from the Artisans world. This was a second try, because the first try ended with me running after ONE last gem for minutes. I ran through the entire level several times, and the gem was in a quite visible and obvious spot.

It’s a good thing I’m emulating this, I can just use save states to record a more watchable run.


  1. My favorite level of this game!
    This is my favorite PS1 game!
    The only world I knew from this game is the Artisans.
    The only boss I knew from this game is Toasty.

  2. i played this when i was four but didn't complete because i didn't have a memory card and i was also four and would miss a lot of it out! I remember my dad would control pyro and i would use charge and fire, next thing i was doing it all by myself. Love this game 🙂

  3. Just found a copy of this in mint condition on eBay for £20.
    Original black label, instruction manual in perfect condition and still smells new, disk with out a single mark on the surface, and jewel case never seen sunlight. Even has the 'Winter Releases '98' disk in the sleeve.

    Couldn't be happier. I'm treasuring this for the rest of my life.
    I wish I could go back to my 8 year old self, and tell myself off for not taking better care of my games when I was younger. I did have this game but scratched the hell out of the first copy I had as a kid.

  4. I had a PS2, and I love dragons, but I never played this game.
    It… doesn't look as good as I expected, honestly. I don't mean graphically I just mean it looks a bit dull, for a fantasy game where you play as a dragon at least.
    I know this is kind of the tutorial level but it seems like a very long tutorial.

  5. The music, the ambience, the perfected sunny beach, the luscious rolling green hills, seeing that in 4K would be my haven.


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