Spyro the Dragon: All Cutscenes


This video includes the intro, all dragon cutscenes, the two endings and the two credits.


  1. @zonic26 I played the PAL version so I saw those differences. Jarvis and Hexus are also coloured differently in the PAL version.

  2. All dragons give tips and a little chitchat, but #78 have no time for chatting shit, he just wanna go home and have some beers.

  3. "How's a dragon supposed to flame metal armor?"
    "Remember Spyro, flame won't harm metal…"

    [High Caves: Spyro meets a fairy who lets him flame giant metal spiders]

    You were saying? 😛 (Yes I know it's a superflame…)

  4. I find it hilarious that the dragons give you game tips instead of an actual story or whatever to tell. And where do they go after that? Why don't they help in the fight with Nasty Nork or stopping their egg theives??? Are they that weak? No wonder Nasty Nork took over.

  5. Jeez, the game's plot is rather tongue-in-cheek, something I never expected to happen at the time – it all starts with dragons being interviewed about their thoughts on Gnasty Gnorc and their trash-talk towards him led to their imprisonment.

  6. They should've kept the same voice actor for Delbin. No wonder I couldn't recognize him initially in Gnorc Gnexus.

  7. I noticed that most of the dragons are voiced by Clancy Brown, who also voices Dr. Cortex, Uka Uka, and Mr. Krabs. XD


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