Spyro the Dragon Tree Tops SuperCharge Comparison (PS1 and Reignited)


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  1. Really the super charge jumping animation is my only nitpick. Compare it to the original and Spyro looks so majestic when he jumps. His arms and wings are out stretched as he takes air. Then when he comes down he charges downwards like superman would

    In the Reignited he just looks horizontal and static throughout the entire jump. It would be nice if they fix this for release

  2. In my opinion, original is much better because of the animation. Also in Reignited since there' so much effects when he's running normally the super charge doesn't really impress me like it does in the originals

  3. They seem to have improved the super charge speed, and animation since they first showed off tree tops! They are listening to the "nitpickers" criticisms! 😀

  4. New music fits the environment better than the original, can't have cake and eat it too

    So many nostalgia nitpickers in these comment sections, besides, the original music is still there when the environment / action builds to it, thus keeping it fresh; at the end of the day, these people are a vocal minority and most people will end up loving what is set to become a great game regardless of comparison to the original, just like with crash

    Remember, nitpicking is a bad thing, as its defined as trivial critique, thus it distracts from truly good critique


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