Star Ocean: Second Story (PS1) Review!


A review of the classic RPG Star Ocean: Second Story!

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  1. For some reason the gameplay have never clicked with me when it comes to the 2D Tales of and Star Ocean games, but Star Ocean 2D games does flow better in combat compared to the Tales of ones. The translation was probably the main reason why I did not really care for the story or characters in this game and I think all the endings that this game has does not really add that much because they are different mostly in very minor ways. I have heard the PSP version was re-translated so that might be the best version of the game.

    I think Its a good game but do prefer many JRPGs on the PS1 over this one.

  2. Tried to pickup the star ocean series… but just couldn't, the tales of series combat mechanic is superior in every way, it's a shame though because the story/characters were pretty interesting, and considering the story behind the games launch and all

  3. I honestly just like the first two games of the series. The rest don't click with me. A lot of people find the third one as their favorite, but aside from my profile name, SO3 just doesn't do much for me.

  4. Great review, Andrew. This game was super complicated back in the day, but it was still super fun nonetheless.

  5. This is one my fav JRPG in PS1 and since English is not my native language I didn't really have any issue about the game (especially because the first time I played this game in 2002 I was still 10 and my English was hundred times worse than now). My fav thing about the game was not the story or gameplay, it was Ashton Anchor, the unluckiest game character in the world. 😂😂

  6. Great review! Just started replaying this a few weeks ago, although it's been slow going, since I've also been playing like 8 other RPGs lol.

  7. Your review has reminded me what a delight this game was for me and ill need to dig out my psp for another play through

  8. Hey, you reviewed my favorite RPG of all time. You know they actually remastered the PSP version for PS4 and Vita but just didn't release it outside of Japan?

  9. what a great game i love 2 and 3 but a fairly mediocre series overall. i wish there were more good rpgs in the sci fi genre,


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