Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Campaign Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary)


In our first Star Wars venture we witness the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire.


  1. still have this on ps2 but when I feel like playing this game I do this on the pc just for better graphics. This game has a special place in my hearth.❤

  2. LOL just took a look at my 8 gigabyte memory card (the red one) and my kd stats (single player ofc but maybe also multiplayer because i dont know if kills in multiplayer were added to your general stats) on this game are as followed 283.703 kills and 98.651 deaths. rank: general wich awarded you with special ammo for your blaster rifle (clone trooper class). God damn I feel like a hero.

  3. Why does the Republic from the movies have to be called the old republic? This mixes it up with the republic 2000 years BEFORE this republic.

  4. Man, the memories are just flooding back. Me and my younger brother making schedules to play this together. Tense moments where we almost ran out of troops. Even just listening to the narration.
    Freaking goosebumps.

  5. someone please explain to me why Battlefront 2017 has the exact same title as battlefront 2005? Why call both Battfefront 2 when the 2017 one is clearly supposed to be nr 3… I don't understand….

  6. this was my favourite childhood game im pretty sure i have put in 2 k hours in this game as a child i played it for years and i loved it

  7. Ahh this game man… I used to play split screen with my bro, and we would wait till our entire team would die, and it'd just be us two left fighting off 100+ droids/clones. Too bad I don't have this game anymore.

  8. This was the only game that never worked on my PS2. Even after going back to Gamestop and getting a new copy it didn't work.


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